World Languages

The World Languages Department offers four-year sequential programs in French, German and Spanish. There is a range of classes for all ability levels, including Advanced Placement. School facilities include a Language Lab, where students work to perfect listening and speaking skills. The Department's commitment to excellence in instruction and respect for students combines to achieve a positive climate of mutual growth and acceptance. Our goal is to enable our students to develop language proficiency in oral, written, reading and comprehension skills.

Department chair
Cathy Edge
World Languages Department Chair

Course Offerings

Foreign Exchanges

The John Carroll School has exchanged with schools in France, Germany and Spain. Exchanges give our students exposure to the culture and spoken language that is unavailable in the classroom. These valuable experiences have allowed our students to form close friendships throughout the world. The school enthusiastically supports these varied and important programs. Students also have ample opportunities to travel. Countries visited in recent years include Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Scotland.