The Science Department curriculum provides an academic, college-preparatory program that fosters an interest in scientific knowledge and careers. The program provides courses and electives in four major fields of science: biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. In an effort to accommodate the diverse needs and interests of the student population, all core sciences have three levels: college preparatory, honors and Advanced Placement (AP).

The Science Department faculty incorporate a variety of teaching methods designed to meet the needs of the different learning styles of the students. Technology is incorporated into lessons through the use of computer lab simulations, research work, data collection interfaces and sensors, and note taking. Enrichment is provided through outside learning experiences, such as job shadowing and internships and field trips to science events and businesses. The Diploma with Distinction in Science Program is also available to interested students who will graduate with at least five credits in science, conduct a Patriot Project related to science, and meet other specified grade- and science-related experience requirements.

Department chair
Julie Baker
Science Department Chair

Course Offerings