The countdown to Graduation is on!

This is an exciting time for our Seniors and their families, but we know that with so many events there are a lot of details to keep straight. We hope this page answers any lingering questions you may have.

Please take a few moments to review and note that some events are mandatory; if a student fails to complete a mandatory requirement, he or she will not be permitted to walk across the stage at Graduation.

Important dates

The following dates are important for Seniors and their parents/guardians. All activities that are mandatory to walk at Graduation are marked as required. Please note that Seniors only need to attend one Senior Retreat to complete the mandatory requirement.

You can download the print-friendly version of the dates below — click the button to view and download!

No upcoming events at this time.

Senior Family Gift

The Senior Family Gift is a unique fundraising initiative that allows each family to make a lasting impact on our beloved school before our Seniors graduate this upcoming May. This year, the funds raised will support new furniture in the Learning Commons and contribute to the Fund for John Carroll, the School's annual fund.

Our goal is for every Senior family to make a gift of just $60. We believe that this modest contribution, when combined, will create a significant impact.


Graduation will take place on Saturday, May 25 at 10:30 a.m. in the APGFCU Arena at HCC.

Tickets will be made available in early Spring. Students will receive 10 printed tickets for their guests at End-of-Year Pick-up between April 29 and May 3. All guests must present their ticket at the entrance, and underclassmen should show their student ID for admission.

Graduation Requirements

The following reasons may result in a diploma being held. Please email the respective faculty member with concerns and questions.

In accordance with school policy, any Senior who fails a course for the year or fails to meet any other graduation requirement will not receive a diploma at Graduation. A one-semester course must also receive a passing grade. A diploma will be conferred after the failures have been made up in summer school. We do, however, encourage the student and the parents to take part in the Graduation ceremony even though the diploma will not be granted at that time. Only the student who is not receiving his/her diploma would be aware of that fact as all students receive the same diploma cover.


Academic failure

If a student fails one or two classes (year-long or semester) he/she will be permitted to participate in graduation activities (Baccalaureate, Graduation) but would not receive a diploma until completion of an approved summer school class at a community college. There are no summer school courses for Seniors at The John Carroll School.​

Failure to complete 55 service hours by March 24

Outstanding loaned class materials

Textbooks, athletic equipment and/or sports uniform

Tuition obligations

Inappropriate behavior and discipline

Failure to successfully complete Senior English Term Paper

Have more questions?

Contact the appropriate faculty member for the events below, or review the Senior Parent Information Night slideshow from the January 18 meeting.


Holocaust Remembrance Day

Senior Trip to Washington, D.C.

Service Requirements

Senior Retreat


Senior Awards


Scholarship resources