A culminating project

Beginning with the 2023–2024 school year, Freshmen and Sophomores will be the first to participate in this new experience, renamed "Patriot Project" (formerly Senior Project). Each student's Patriot Project will reflect the culmination of four years of a John Carroll education and feature a connection to the School's Mission.

About the Patriot Project

Freshmen will brainstorm ideas during their Patriot Pathways I course before choosing and presenting an umbrella idea during their Patriot Pathways II course as a Sophomore. Juniors will then research and write a detailed proposal for their Patriot Project as part of their English coursework, and by the second semester of Junior year can begin an approved project. All Patriot Projects must be completed and presented to a panel of evaluators during Senior year as a graduation requirement.

This past school year, Seniors in Diploma with Distinction Programs (including Science, Fine Arts and STEAM) were required to complete a Capstone Project as part of their specific program. Although there may be additional requirements for current Juniors and Seniors to earn these Diplomas with Distinction, there will not be a school-wide graduation requirement to complete a Capstone Project, beginning with the upcoming year. If students have specific questions about requirements for the Diploma with Distinctions, they should contact the program director.

Freshmen and Sophomores will receive more information on the new Patriot Project requirement during their Patriot Pathways course.

In keeping with the desired outcomes of The John Carroll School Mission Statement and institutional philosophy, the Patriot Project seeks to:

  • Provide an in-depth educational opportunity for all Patriots
  • Create a venue for critical thinking, independent expression, personal responsibility, individual and educational growth
  • Empower each student to explore an interest, stretch as a learner, and foster an ability to design and execute independent choices
  • Encourage students to pursue excellence rather than to settle for mediocrity in any endeavor they pursue
  • Serve as a synthesis of the educational opportunities to which students have been exposed during their high school experience and solidify a desire to be lifelong learners who possess a sense of both personal and global awareness as well as a heightened sense of self-confidence and worth
Have questions?

For questions and concerns, contact Patriot Project Coordinator Mrs. Hannah Roy:

Roy '13
World Languages Faculty

What past Patriots have to say

2018 marked 10 years since Senior Project/Patriot Project became a graduation requirement at John Carroll. Below, one student from each of those 10 graduating classes talks about what their project meant to them.


When I first began my project, my hope was to comfort the marginalized with rosaries. I never could have imagined how my life and my faith would change and grow through this process.

Taylor Bynion '18

Notre Dame of Maryland University


For me, Senior Project was an amazing and enlightening experience. It really opened my eyes to my potential as a person and developed in me a deep passion for helping those in need. The journey was an experience that truly changed my life and I will always remember it.

Anthony Magwood, Jr. '17

Penn State University


This project is an eye-opening opportunity to fully plan/handle a project that simulates real life responsibility. It is truly what you make of it depending on the effort you decide to put in. If you allow it to be, it's a chance to bring something into your world that can heavily impact your life and shape a memory/experience that is unforgettable.

Tiffany Parker D'ambrosio '16

Jacksonville University


My project truly helped me prepare for larger projects that would be assigned in college. Having to put so much time and energy into a project made me feel like I truly had to pick something that I loved and that I could put my whole heart and whole self into. In my mind, this was similar to choosing my major. I am glad that I had the opportunity to find out much more about myself than I ever thought possible.

Emily Meyerl '15

University of South Carolina


For my project, I created oil paintings to donate to a hospital in honor of my mother who passed away from breast cancer. My goal was to connect with her and commemorate her life, while doing something I love.

Sarah Streett '14

Towson Carolina


My project was an amazing experience. I still speak of it often and still show family/friends the video that I created. My project allowed me to connect with my family and find fulfillment in a topic that was previously difficult to discuss. My autistic brother will finally see the video this year on his 21st birthday and will be able to understand everything he was able to overcome in his early years.  Thank you, John Carroll for making this possible.

Amy Slusher '13

The University of Mount Union


My project helped prepare me for college and my career by giving me the opportunity to explore my interests while meeting high expectations set to ensure my success. It pushes students out of their comfort zones and encourages them to think about the bigger picture of life. I still look back on my project experience fondly as an amazing learning experience.

Haley Boyle '12

James Madison University


To me, this project was the best thing about John Carroll. It opens a window of opportunities to either discover what you're passionate about or find a way to serve others. My project showed me giving back is what I wanted to do with my life. I hope all of the students embrace this journey and are proud of their projects and be proud that John Carroll gave them the opportunity to push themselves to be a better people.

Chelsea Shock '11

Samford University


My Senior Project was a time for me to be creative and to mesh my past (being adopted) and present (taking four years of Russian with Mr. Miller). It challenged me academically and emotionally. It was something that I invested a lot of my time and energy into. It allowed me to think beyond myself and how I and my experiences could be of service to others. I have remained extremely thankful for the opportunity to complete my project.

Svetlana (Holt) Wright '10

University of Maryland, College Park


For my project, I adapted and directed Joshua Sobol’s play Ghetto. The play follows the lives of several Jews living in the Vilna Ghetto during World War II. When I undertook this challenge, I could not have foreseen the lasting impact it would have on my life. It changed how I look at the world; it taught me to have confidence in my abilities, to respect different perspectives, and that difficult stories must be told.

Rachel Weinberg '09

University of Maryland undergraduate, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine PhD candidate