What Makes Patriots Athletics

John Carroll Athletics strives to develop strong sports teams by attracting outstanding student-athletes and developing them to their highest potential. While being competitive on the fields and courts is important, we also aim to use our sports’ programs to teach life lessons and develop the character traits that will prepare our student-athletes for success in life beyond sports. Athletics are an important part of a young person’s education and we believe that what makes sports work also makes life work.

The same character traits and habits of thought and action that lead to winning in sports will lead to success in life.

We use our sports programs to foster an environment that allows each student-athlete to cultivate a strong sense of self, build strong, authentic relationships and develop the values of accountability, leadership, reliability, loyalty and a strong work ethic. We want our student-athletes to strive for daily improvement, focus on what is within their control, and become part of something bigger than themselves.


We hold student-athletes to a high standard of effort and conduct and insist that things are done the right way.

We understand the we need to show patience as we guide teenagers to learn from their mistakes and strive to live up to the high expectations that we have for them. These high expectations apply to the student-athletes’ work on the fields and courts, as well as in the classroom and community. We expect each student-athlete to be an upstanding member of the community and a role model for his/her peers and younger athletes.


We focus on daily and weekly improvement by being process-oriented and allowing opportunities for purposeful practice.

We help each student-athlete maximize his/her potential, by setting individual and team goals, and being progressive in the process of instruction and development. We encourage student-athletes to step outside of their comfort zones and risk making mistakes during practice and training.


We believe that every student-athlete has the potential to be a leader in some capacity, and we will focus on giving them leadership opportunities that fit their personalities and levels of maturity.

Leadership is not simply a position; it entails thought, word and action. Some will lead with their energy and enthusiasm, some will lead with their words, and all should lead by their example.

Strong Relationships

We focus on developing an environment where student-athletes know they can rely on one another and on their coaches.

Every student-athlete should feel that they are known and valued by their coaches and teammates regardless of their playing time or game statistics. The environment of each team should be built around care for one another both on and off the field/court.