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Baltimore County Public Library

Explore research databases, archives, books, and more through the Baltimore County Public Library.


Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a web search engine that indexes academic publications from sources including journals, conference papers, theses, and dissertations. You can search for scholarly literature, evaluate the relevance of search results, and access full-text articles and citations.


Harford County Public Library

Explore research databases, archives, books, and more through the Harford County Public Library.


History Study Center

A ProQuest online platform that provides a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary sources for historical research. It features historical reference materials, journals, multimedia resources, maps, and more.



JSTOR is a digital library that has thousands of primary sources in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. JSTOR's scholarly content is great for finding reliable and authoritative sources and their academic work.


Library of Congress

With its vast collection of books, journals, manuscripts, and digital resources, the library offers a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects covering American history, literature, science, and more.


Maryland Public Library Sailor Research Database

Funded by the State of Maryland, Sailor provides Maryland's public libraries and K-12 schools with research databases to ensure equitable access for all residents.


National History Day

National History Day is a nonprofit education organization improving the teaching and learning of history. Explore concepts and discussions over a wide range of historical topics.



An online platform designed to help students and educators with academic research and writing. NoodleTools provides note-taking, citation, organizational materials, helping users create accurate and well-organized bibliographies and research papers.


ProQuest SIRS

ProQuest SIRS (Social Issues Resources Series) offers comprehensive coverage of current and historic social issues. It provides articles, primary sources, and multimedia materials for exploring complex topics and issues from a variety of perspectives.


Today's Science

Today's Science bridges the gap between the science that students learn in the classroom and the discoveries pushing the boundaries of science today