Smart technology for smarter students

Having the right technology and gear can make all the difference in achieving academic success. From powerful laptops and noise-canceling headphones to smart pens and study apps, these high-tech tools can help you stay organized, focused, and productive throughout your high school career. Read on for more information on what you'll need at John Carroll and how to get it.

Hardware, software, wireless access

The John Carroll School provides wireless access in all student areas. In addition to the 1:1 program, the School maintains desktop computers in labs for specialized purposes including the yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine and CAD. Local server space, as well as cloud-based storage, is provided for all students to ensure accessibility of student work.

John Carroll does its best to provide students with the most up-to-date software possible. The latest version of Microsoft Office is available to all students. AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite software packages give students experience with industry standard productivity programs.

John Carroll utilizes several cloud and hosted solutions to provide anytime/anywhere access to resources and 1:1 learning tools including:

  • Office 365 (Email, OneDrive, Office Web Apps, SharePoint and Teams)
  • Veracross (student information system)


Veracross is John Carroll’s enrollment, event, and school information management system. Parents have the ability to access their student’s academic information, including assignments, grades and attendance information. Teachers generally update grades in Veracross bi-weekly.

Computer guide for new students

The John Carroll School continues its relationship with DSR to provide an efficient method for purchasing the required computer. For students entering John Carroll, we offer several Lenovo and Microsoft Surface models.

Why Purchase from DSR?

Our relationship with DSR means that our Tech Support staff is authorized to perform several types of repair and maintenance here at school without invalidating your computer’s warranty. Furthermore, when a computer has a more serious problem, we experience prompt, accurate, pick-up and delivery service from DSR. Families must contact Microsoft directly for repairs/issues with Microsoft computers. Neither DSR nor JC can repair Microsoft computers.

DSR offers PCs at a range of price points. Additional warranties and accessories are also available on the site. DSR accepts credit card or check, and ships the computer directly to the student. The John Carroll tech staff will then provide information for the student’s email access, installing Microsoft Office, and other computer-related items.

Orders should not be made before the summer months and no later than June 30 in order for computers to be delivered to the student before the school year begins. Please proceed with caution in buying from the big box stores or the online deep discounters. The John Carroll staff is limited in the service they can provide for computers purchased elsewhere.

Purchasing elsewhere

Although John Carroll recommends DSR, you may decide to choose another vendor. In that case, we strongly suggest the addition of an Accidental Insurance Plan (because we're all human and accidents happen!).  Accidental coverage is listed as ThinkPad Protection Plan on the Lenovo models.

Minimum system requirements
  • Computer must be a Tablet PC with a keyboard, stylus and touchscreen. NO slate versions, MacOS or iOS devices, Droids, Chromebooks or smart phones. Windows 10 or 11 only.
  • Windows 10 or 11 Professional. Home versions are not supported.
  • Intel i-series processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 100+ GB hard drive recommended
  • LAN : 802.11ac (All devices must work with 5GHz WiFi. The John Carroll network does not support 2.4Ghz wireless adapters.)

Accidental Coverage Plan

In addition to the standard warranty, John Carroll recommends opting in to the Accidental Coverage Plan. Standard warranties do not typically cover damage from drops, spills, etc.

Protective Sleeve

Students are not typically permitted to carry backpacks during the school day, so we advise investing in a protective sleeve for your device.

You should not purchase Microsoft Office. Instructions will be provided detailing how to get MSOffice using your JC email account.