Find your inner artist at John Carroll

Arts at John Carroll play an integral role in academic and co-curricular school life. While our students' work is beautiful, the process of creativity is valued the most. The Arts open up opportunities for self-expression, appreciation for culture and risk taking.

Bring your creative vision to life

Be part of a culture of creative thinking, learning, visual production and appreciation of artistic achievements of people from different cultures and times.

Follow the music in your heart

We aim to help students develop their unique musical potential, provide abundant and diverse opportunities for group and individualized music learning, and cultivate a safe, respectful, inter-culturally responsive, and stimulating environment that supports student development.

Elevating talent, amplifying expression

Whether you're a seasoned performer or a first-time stage explorer, our welcoming atmosphere embraces students with a passion for the arts. Take a leap onto the stage and join us in creating unforgettable moments that celebrate the power of artistic expression.

Theatrical opportunities for all ages!

Under the direction of Julie Parrish, Director of Performing Arts at the John Carroll School, the Musical Theatre Academy now offers two semester-long sessions of Musical Theatre classes as well as a Musical Theatre Audition Seminar! These classes provide opportunities to students in grades 2-12 to take advantage of the learning available at The John Carroll School.

Artistry in motion

Whether you enter our studio with years of experience or are setting foot on the stage for the very first time, John Carroll’s dance programs are designed for all students with a passion for movement and artistry.

With a commitment to nurturing both technical excellence and artistic expression, our comprehensive programs provide a platform for individuals to explore their passion for movement and unleash their inner artist, creating unforgettable moments on the stage.

A chance to dance for all ages!

Under the direction of Laura Ward-Moran, Director of the John Carroll College Preparatory Dance Program, the Ballet Academy provides a structured, anatomically safe learning environment for students to obtain, grow and expand upon a proper ballet foundation. Several dance genres are offered for ages 3-18.

Write your own story at John Carroll

For students with a penchant for writing, photography or graphic design, the Literary Arts program has garnered national and international recognition with an extensive list of awards.

Performing arts education for kids 3 to 18

Made up of our Musical Theatre Academy and Ballet Academy, our esteemed faculty of experts in their field devote their time and energy to creating the most conducive learning environment for our students. Foundations are created while instilling a love for learning and appreciation for the arts in an engaging and informative atmosphere. We uphold the mission of our school and its Catholic values to empower a diverse student population to attain its highest potential.

Academy of Performing Arts & Dance

The John Carroll Academy of Performing Arts & Dance was established in 2011 and is dedicated to offering the highest quality performing arts education to the members of our community by providing affordable programs for youth that align with our prestigious high school performing arts offerings.