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For students with a penchant for writing, photography or graphic design, John Carroll's Literary Arts Program has garnered national and international recognition with an extensive list of awards.

Department Chair
Matthew Blair
English Department Chair

The Patriot

The Patriot is the student-run newspaper of The John Carroll School. It is a print and online publication that is produced throughout the school year. The Patriot encourages staff members to develop professional skills in graphic design, web design, writing and editing stories, producing pictures and video, and more.

The Patriot and its individual staff members have received numerous national and international awards.


Students producing Pacificus, our annual yearbook, under guidance and instruction of the moderator will learn layout, design and computer desktop publishing.

One credit in Fine Arts will be given to those students who have successfully produced the yearbook, met all deadlines, acquired the necessary training and skills, participated in staff meetings, and exhibited a spirit of cooperation, encouragement and support to their fellow staff members. The Advanced Journalism Yearbook class (second and third year) is an honors-level Fine Arts course.


The American Scholastic Press Association’s Award Annual Yearbook Competition


The American Scholastic Press Association’s Yearbook Photography Award

The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is the literary-arts magazine of The John Carroll School. Students are encouraged throughout the year to submit work in the areas of poetry, prose, photography and art. Staff members gain valuable experience in editing, graphic design, and cooperation.  Each year the staff holds a summer contest to encourage and reward creativity. In recent year, the magazine was recognized with a First Place rating by the Scholastic Press Association.

Fine Arts Diploma with Distinction

Dedicated visual artists can elect to pursue the Literary Arts track of a Fine Arts Diploma with Distinction. For information on requirements and how to apply, please visit the Fine Arts Diploma with Distinction page and refer to the directions for Literary Arts.