Welcome, Patriot parents

You were your children’s first teachers, and continue in this role as you model desired behavior, help with homework, and play and work with your children, while shaping them into responsible and compassionate young adults.

Thank you for all that you do to support our students and school!

About the Parent Association

With The John Carroll School Parent Association,  our purposes are to:

  • Create and foster a spirit of parental involvement in The John Carroll School;
  • Have members take an active interest in the academic, social and moral welfare of the School;
  • Promote active participation of all members in the fund-raising activities of the School;
  • Unite the members in bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding;
  • Provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of School interest;
  • Encourage Christian standards in the School community; and,
  • Partner with the Board of Trustees and administration fulfilling the mission and strategic objectives of the School.

How we give back

The John Carroll Parent Association (JCPA) is proud to be a strong partner in our school community. Through countless volunteer hours, our parents, grandparents and families have worked closely with faculty and students to positively influence campus life. We extend a big thank you for all that have given their time and energy to the JCPA.

During the year, we sponsor events and sell Senior Banners and concessions, among other activities. Through these efforts, we're able to invest in the School and our students.  

The JCPA is proud to have made substantial gifts over the past several years that supported many important campus updates, including the new Brown Fitness Center, the installation of air conditioning in the Performing Arts hallway and rooms, and the Welcome Center at the main entrance.

We look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence with all of our dedicated volunteers, faculty and staff.  Please consider becoming an active member of the Parent Association. It is a rewarding way to be involved and stay informed! Go Patriots!

Meeting & event schedule

That's a wrap for the 2023–2024 school year! Check back this summer for important dates in 2024–2025.

Officers & Committee Chairs

We're pleased to introduce your Parents Association leadership for the 2023–2024 school year!

  • Lisa Tribull-Bair


  • Sharon Jacobs

    Vice Chair

  • Christina Baumgartner


  • Heidi Dombrock


  • Ginger Miller


  • Rachel DeWeese '10

    Director of Alumni & 
    Parent Engagement

VIRTUS Compliance System

VIRTUS (formerly Shield the Vulnerable, STAND) is an Archdiocesan educational tool that brings volunteers to the current level of awareness in protecting our youth. Each individual learns to recognize signs of child abuse, when and where to report suspected abuse, and ensures the behavioral expectations defined in the Archdiocese’s Code of Conduct and Statement of Policy.