The mission of the Religion Department is to invite students to deepen their awareness of God’s presence in their lives, appreciate the rich history of the Catholic Church, make informed choices guided by the teaching tradition of the Church, and worship intelligently in the school community and their parish communities. To achieve this, a series of courses covering the person of Jesus, the teachings of the Catholic Church, Catholic morality, the Scriptures, peace and justice, world religions, and Christian life are presented to the students. Each student enrolls in a religion course every semester.

In addition to coursework, every day starts with morning prayer and prayer precedes every class. A weekday mass or prayer service is celebrated on Tuesdays after Advisory time and all-school masses occur monthly. Each grade participates in an annual retreat.

Department chair
Michael Kimble
Religion Department Chair

Course Offerings

AP & Honors Tracks

AP and honors academic tracks offer many benefits for students who are seeking a challenging and rigorous education. These courses provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of various subjects while also developing advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills.