The diploma for the science-minded

Highly motivated science students at John Carroll are eligible to apply for the Diploma with Distinction in Science. Students should indicate their interest in working toward this special diploma by contacting the Science Department Chair for an application no later than the end of the first semester of their Junior year.

Students who are considered to pursue the diploma will be monitored during their Senior year. STEAM students are also eligible to earn this special diploma.

Graduation requirements

The Science Department Chair recommends students to graduate with this diploma after carefully weighing and considering all aspects of a student’s record, which includes the following criteria:

  • A cumulative weighted GPA of 3.75 or above
  • Completion of at least five credits in science
  • A final course grade of 80 or above in each science class
  • Completion of at least one of the following: a science-related internship (minimum of 20 hours), shadowing three different science professionals for at least one day each, a summer science enrichment course, or volunteer at a hospital or other medical facility or science-related center (minimum of 20 hours)
Have questions?

For questions, contact Science Department Chair Dr. Julie Baker:

Science Department Chair