Three State-of-the-Art Science Labs Unveiled

March 1, 2023

After receiving support from our generous community and a sizable grant from The John L. Stasiak Foundation, the largest gift in the history of the School, John Carroll committed to renovating six classrooms in the Science Wing. Three of the six Science Labs have undergone significant renovations, with the remaining three currently under construction.

These state-of-the-art facilities and equipment replicate university and professional experiences, enabling our faculty to expand the breadth of our challenging science curriculum and prepare our students to transition to college-level work while sparking their interests in the sciences.

The renovated Science Labs have reconfigured work spaces with combination classroom/labs for integrated lecture and applied learning. Workspace furnishings are mobile and reconfigurable to enable group learning and accommodate multi-faceted experimentation. The Science Labs are fully equipped with fume hoods, plumbing, gas lines, safety equipment, and new seating and desks. The work areas are ergonomically designed and reflect best practice for college preparatory learning.

The John Carroll School President Stephen DiBiagio says, “John Carroll is deeply grateful to the Stasiak Foundation for its support. This transformative grant allowed us to increase overall lab space to meet the growing demand for STEM courses while ensuring that John Carroll students are able to work in state-of-the-art labs that mirror those on college campuses and in leading institutions nationwide.”